Master of Arts (Preliminary) in English is a programme parallel to Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English leading to Master of Arts (final) in English. A Bachelor Degree in any discipline with English carrying minimum 100 marks is a prerequisite to get admitted into Master of Arts (Preliminary) in English, The Final programme concentrates on ELT, Advanced Literary Theory, Research Methodology etc. along with the literatures: British, American, South Asian, African and Latin American.

Admission Requirements:

Master of Arts in English (Preliminary & Final)- The minimum requirements for eligibility to seek admission into the M.A. in English (Preliminary).
Programme is a Bachelor degree or its equivalent in any field including business, engineering, agriculture or medicine and at least 5 (Five) points.

Total credit hours 72(Preliminary 36 + Final 36 ).
Programme Duration 24 Months.
Total Terms 8 Terms (Each 4 Months in duration).
Entry Frequency 3 Times in a Year (January, May, September).
Mode Full / Part Time.
Class Schedule Afternoon / Evening Session.