The era of post-modern English has now more than ever wider peripheries of needs, richer ideas to explore and better prospects to share.English now means more than a literature or a language and is considered a gateway to teaching ,creative writing ,journalism, information technology ,management and administration.Metropolitan University offers Bachelor of Arts in English and Masters of Arts in English (preliminary and Final). The course have been designed to equip our students with the kind of expertise they would require to face life as global citizens. The Department of English includes Faculty who have a broad range of professional competence and renown in the related fields.

Admission Requirements

Students who have passed SSC and HSC or any equivalent Public Examination with at least two 2nd divisions or minimum GPA 2.5 in each (5.00 scale) may apply for admission. Students who have minimum 2.00 in any one o SSC or HSC and a total of GPA 6.00 may also apply.
For English medium students, minimum 05 subjects in O level and 02 subjects in A level examinations are required. At least Grade B or GPA 4.0 in four subjects out of the seven subjects and at least Grade C or GPA 3.5 in the remaining three subjects (A=5,B=4,C=3,D=2 & E=1).
The children of Freedom Fighters with a total of GPA 5.0 in both SSC and HSC or in equivalent Public Examination may apply for admission with Freedom Fighter Certificate of the Government.
For GED students, at least 410 mark out of 800 marks in all 05 courses of GED programme and with an average of 450 marks.

Total Credit Hours 126.
Programme Duration 04 Years.
Total terms 12 Terms (Each 4 month in duration).
Entry Frequency 3 Times in a year (January, May, September).
Mode Full time.
Class Schedule Morning / Afternoon Session